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Free USB Disk Security 1.3

USB devices are a major transmission agent of virus infections
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USB devices are a major transmission agent of virus infections. Free USB Disk Security is intended to protect your computer from this type of threats. The program is not as heavy as other antivirus products and causes no slowdown to your computer. The application runs from the System Tray and automatically scans any USB drive that you connect to your PC. Moreover, its USB shield can monitor your computer in real time and protect it against from viruses executed from pendrives, external hard disks or any other type of USB storage devices.

The program requires no expertise whatsoever, so even novices can use it without difficulty. The interface is easy to navigate. Therefore, you will soon discover other features, such as Disk Cleanup, which deletes malware stored on the temporary Internet folder; Repair Registry, to undo changes caused to that sensitive area by viruses; and Autostart, allowing you to manage or disable applications starting automatically with the system.

In general, Free USB Disk Security has the main advantage of using a proactive technology that does not depend on signatures, which avoids updating your database frequently. Therefore, it is a great solution to protect offline computers. However, I would not recommend it as sole malware protection program but as a complement to other AV applications.

Pedro Castro
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  • It does not require signatures.
  • It works proactively.
  • It lets you manage auto-start applications.
  • It can protect offline computers effectively


  • It should be used along other AV application
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