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Free USB Disk Security 1.0

Free USB Disk Security offers protection to computers against malicious programs
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Free USB Disk Security is a tool designed to protect your computer against any malicious programs that could attack it via USB drives. Besides its main function, the application also offers protection against malicious files and programs that remain in the temporary Internet directory, by detecting and deleting them.

By performing a USB scan, the application verifies the existing USB devices for programs or files that could harm your computer. After it has performed this function, the tool offers you the possibility to see more detailed information about the detected harmful programs, and you may decide whether to delete or restore the elements detected in the list. The application also offers a USB shield, which helps you protect your computer by instantly blocking any detected threads. In addition to this, the program enables your quick access to its available updated versions, straight from the main screen.

To conclude with, Free USB Disk Security comes across as a perfect instrument for those who wish to protect their computers against possible threats that they might have via USB drives. In order to fulfill its function, it offers simple commands that can be manipulated by anyone, even by less proficient users.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Simple commands which almost anyone can manipulate
  • USB shield against threads contacted via USB drives


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